Out line a cartoon

Is it possible to put an outline on one my cartoon to make it look like it was drawn?

all kinds of solutions, depending on what you need - you can use the edge settings in blender internal on a 3d object, freestyle as well, or you can use a dilate/erode node in the compositor to affect the objects in a render layer…

I just need an outline over the body, nothing else. I guess I can use photoshop or something like that…what you propose is a little over my head…but thank you much.

Check out the Bits of Blender tutorials on youtube, they explain stuff liek thi sin an easy, direct way. Use the tip on the dilate erode node here to get an outline around the object/body you talk about

the easiest would be to just check the ‘freestyle’ option in the render panel. it’s no biggie, just a box you check which switches to the freestyle renderer. there are some settings you can adjust if you want. also you can check ‘toon edges’ if you want to use BI ( default renderer ). if you just want one object to have edges, then I guess you would use compositing nodes, or the video sequencer.

see my cartoon crabs with freestyle