Out of commission (aka "what's wrong with my power supp


Normally I’m pretty good with computers but this one really has me stumped:

My computer has gone spazzy on me!

Everything was running peachy last night, no problems. Since my PC is in my room and my PC has lights and crap all over it (the power supply fan has this really bright blue LED in it) I generally turn it off at night. Well I did last night, using the shut off function from windows xp. Worked just fine. I got up and noticed that the all the fans, the led in the power supply fan, as well as the other lights on my case and my hard drives would turn on and off.

They turn on for about half a second and then turn off for about 1 -2 seconds and then it does it all over again.

So not wanting to risk any shocking of my system I immediately hit the power switch on the back of my power supply (the master power switch, this cuts off all power to the mobo). It didn’t do a bloody bit of good. It just kept doing it! I had to unplug it entirely!!!

It’s freaky because the power doesn’t immediately drain through the ground when that happens since it’s not plugged in, it uses all the energy that’s left and blinks (while fading) 2 or 3 times after it’s un plugged.

It’s a good antec case and power supply (350 watts, and it’s not over loaded, I’ve calculated that my current setup take about 275 watts at max), and one of those 100 dollar surge strips.

My bro’s got a power supply tester and we’re going to check it this evening, but I’m worried it might be my mobo, or at least somethings been fried…

Any ideas?

hmmmm thats really strange.

first off. get rid of the little crappy lights LOL (man they are sooo wanky dittohead :P)

secondly are you sure you hit shut-down and not stand-by ? because standby is random from windows.

could it be your “power button” or your “reset button” on the case, thats is causing these problems? is one of them jammed.

i really don’t know about power supply issues as i have just kept sticking things into my standard issue powersupply that came with the case. and have had no problems. so just throwing out some alternatives for you.

p.s. a certain number of lights on mine run even if its all turned off (except if at the wall) i.e. my network connection.


Dont know bout you particular power sup.
but the technology of today is: the Os control the power. by the ACPI interface.
Exemple: as alltaken said, some peripheric still work after shut down. My mouse, my ethernet card…
In fact, This become even worst in a dual boot setup. cause if windows xp close with some power parametter, then when i fire up linux the power is up side down. Ex: from linux to windows i loose my mouse. from windows to linux I loose my ethernet card. They just power off as if they were unpluged.
so some led blinking rely don’t look like a problem too me, as long as the computer still start. and give a 1 short bip at powerup. :wink: .

Maybe it’s haunted. :wink:

first off. get rid of the little crappy lights LOL (man they are sooo wanky dittohead

lol, nppe, it’s in side the fan, that’s in side the power supply. I checked my power button and reset switch, they’re just fine.

I brought my PC into another room, and plugged in the tester. Everything showed up fine. I plugged my mobo back into it and plugged it. It didn’t blink (mind you it wasn’t just the LEDs that blinked when I would plg it in, it was also all the fans, my hard drives, dvd rom etc that flashed), it started just fine even with the short beep.

In my room it still blinks, I’m going to check the power in my room later toda and hope nothing is wrong with it. I plugged in a simple ground fault meter and everthing was ok.

Wireing issues vs. fried power supplies. I’d rather it be my power supply but it isn’t looking that way. %|

Thanks for the advice!

What you not an electrian :wink:

yeah great revelations there mr_bomb


Oops, didn’t mean to post it inside the quote :stuck_out_tongue:
slaps self on head

Fixed now :slight_smile:

Must be a goofy problem…works now.