Out-of-context quotes thread

Post random things that make sense in context, but not out.

How about no.



How bout an example?

What ?

I don’t get this, but here’s the magic word for all spammy topics.



And the magic word for not-really-helpful posting is…


yea and I’m thinking that you are becoming WORST then him…

and above all…you weren’t here when he was part of this community…so stop acting like you’re so much better than him…

Not like I absolutely know him, but i’ve read several of his posts before and half are just completely whacked out.

Only half, Kansas_15? Read his posts more carefully :stuck_out_tongue:

and what are yours suppose to be? Intelligent replies?

gosh…I think I wouldn’t mind having cubefan back if you were away…

At the risk of being told I’m cooperating, I’ve been collecting these for a while. Some are better than others.

“Just hang up your jacket and put the corn cob on the table!”

“Well, it’s not my clothes, I just haven’t taken a shower in a while.”

“If you suck my sweater I’ll push you off!”

“Haven’t you ever wanted to be a big amoeba that someone was riding on?”

“Oh good, a bomb!”

“I’m such a poor shot I can’t even throw a mouse into a box.”

“You thought that was Donald Duck? Come on, give me a break!”

“That’s an ugly old shoebox.”

“I sniffed him and he smelled like gasoline.”

“Don’t eat any more of that house.”

“He’s not stupid, it’s just his instincts!”

“I held up the Glow-mer-Go and the computer exploded!”

“MC Escher didn’t have any chocolate people in his family!!!”

“Stop calling my water an Indian!”

“Nooooo! Get your own sheep!”

“You never hear about famous people.”

“We know. We’ve had that chicken before.”

“Don’t put rockets in your nose.”

“Daddy told you not to lick my feet!”

“You probably touched that cactus.”

“Don’t yell at the neighbors.”

“Ugh, he SMELLS like his new food.”

“Now it smells like CVS in here.”

“Hey! You’re rearranging my playlist!” “Who cares!”

“Katy, stop snorting!”

“I found it on a bear in my closet.”

“Who did? What are crumpets?”

“Once my Cheerios get soggy, I swallow them.”

“Lemon [flavored] apples sound GOOD!”

“April has a longer beard.”

“Because we were both putting oil on the horses.”

I’m impressed at how fast a mini-flamewar started. Oh wait, should I have said that? I might get flamed for it :-?

Kansas, weren’t you the one who was being called spammy? And I really don’t care about postcounts, if that’s what you’re thinking. On that subject, theeth, is it possible for you to disable postcount display (but leave the titles)? I think it might really improve things.

[edit] oh yeah, PlantPerson, hehe, some of those are pretty good. See, this thread doesn’t have to be a flamewar, it might even be mildly amusing!

Dracarys, the post count isn’t the important thing. The titles are. A post count is a number, while Forum Monkey is a goal.

But of course the post count required is so low half the members half it.

That would be “have” :smiley:

One thing i guess that was posted here at elysiun a while back is fun:
Cabbage? No thanks, I’m on fire!


You have a nice definition of half.

Is that the same thing as “half of what a politician say is true”?


I guess this is likely, just thought w/o the count things would be better… but w/o either of those, how do we tell who’s been on a while? I think a karma system was suggestaed a while back, any chance of implementing that?

that would be 1/4th


Really it is an aim to only post when necessary in order to minimise the postcount in order to be of the privilaged few who aren’t monkeys.

Well that was a waste of one of my precious posts.

that would be 1/4th[/quote]
144 / 8581 ?= 1 / 4

I think not.