out of ideas! oh no!

yea…im runnin outa ideas to make in blender…anyone gimmie some stuff to make…(i know you’re all probably thinking “oh, he has no imagination”…either way i still want some help lol)


grab a pencil. draw stuff.

take a look at the works of famous artists, like the ones featured on cgtalk, and even at the past masters.

join a collab project on gamedev.

model a car or an orc- can’t go wrong with that.

but the best one still is- grab a pencil and draw draw draw.

Your interpretation of reality is the most worthy subject of study.

(is that too vague?)

…Look at the images in the gallery, try and see if you find ideas there. Doesn’t matter if someone else has done it before, you could make something exactly the same as someone else, as long as you learn from it. Then, take the things and ideas you learned and got from that project and make something totally new.

Go to one of the photo album sites and hit “show me a random image.”

Not sure this is quite ‘News,’ but while the topic is here: - Probably my single biggest inspiration most times that I find myself in need of it. Amazing stuff here, regardless of whether Blender was involved or not. Blender now has sculpt and can play nice with Zbrush if you have it anyway.

http://www.kjun.org/ - multiple galleries from a husband and wife artist duo. Their character work is great, even if they haven’t posted new stuff in a while.

http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/ - expensive, but worth it in my opinion, particularly the Exotique series of books. At the very least there is a flash preview of the artworks contained.

If that fails - intentionally stop for a while, play games, watch cartoons and movies until you remember why you loved 3D in the first place…

All the best!

This is serious cause for concern - you must have modeled everything in the universe! Just joking! Anyways I get the same problem because I am learning to draw . . . but inspiration comes in randomly and I am never short of ideas . . . because there is many ways of doing art!

Heres what I do for inspiration. I sleep. I enter a dreamworld and I see things unimaginable by conscious mind.

Also try “fitting yourself into a box.” What I mean is to set a limitation, as in “I’m going to make something out of 30 spheres” and then voila, before you know it you have something that people would actually be willing to pay for!

How about a money tree? You know, the saying that money doesn’t grow on trees. I sure could use one… :slight_smile:

greek mythology has some cool stuff you could do

Draw something you want - or could plan to make. Like a robot.

Look around you for interesting things. Take a camera (or a sketchpad) and walk around taking pictures of interesting things. The most uninteresting things can be inspiring if looked at the right way. In the carpet where my piano is, there is a clear dent/depression due to the location of my heel when I use the pedal. Kind of boring. But one day, I lay down on the floor, and took a picture, capturing the bench and the pedal and the dent. Making the dent the focus using a rule of thirds trick, and writing “passion” in a corner, made it turn out great!

Long story short - just keep an open mind and think about things beyond the simple facts of their existence and properties.

why dont you create a short film, that will keep you busy for a while modelling all the assets

thanks for all the help! …i cant draw for my life…well, except for random futuristic cars that only look good from a 2-d side view :stuck_out_tongue: . And yea thanks again !