Out Of Memory ENGLISH translation ready ! (05.16.03)

here is the link for the making of

you’ll find there links to the movie, englush and french downloads.

thanks for your patience :slight_smile:



:smiley: :smiley: EXCELLENT! A real story (man, Magali, whoever she’s, can be proud). A new Metropolis of sort! Great ambiance, deliciously self-refering in a clever closed loop (presumably never ending).

Great animation, great story, great camera… The best work, most complete I have seen w/ BLENDER. Congrats EDDY! The good thing is that you don’t have to get it all to like it.

I’m sure that the English speaking community will be enchanted as well.

Yay! finally it’s out!
too bad that there’s only the streamed realplayer version… i watched it 3 mins and then closed the window because the quality is way too bad. i rather prefer downloading movies :-?
but what i’ve seen so far is :o

downloadable version pleeeeeeeeeze 8)

yes please! download! download! :smiley:

I’m sorry, I don’t have time or money right now to organize a way to download this. But late in the night in FRANCE (GMT+1) it’s much easier to watch.

finally! Ive been waiting for so long.
tonight I get to see OOM! Calloo Callay, I chortle in my joy!

sniff sniff…only in real player… :S

I’ll try to go download real player and I’ll watch this one later…

!!! Awesome detail and animations!!

I love it!

It’s a shame that it’s in low quality… I can’t even watch it for 2 minutes. :frowning: I rather download DVD quality of it instead of watching it while it’s being streamed.

It’s pity that it looks really cool, but the low quality turns me off. No offenses and I apologize.

garbager: why dont u just encode it with tmpeg and load it up on your
lycos account?

excellent short!!!..but like dreammaster…I stopped watching after 5 minutes

PLS!! No streaming!! give us a high res version for download :D…I wanna fully enjoy OOM :smiley:

because I’ve made lots of try yesterday night and ended up with 35 megs videos which fits my 50 megs limits, but is AWFULL to look at.
But if you really want it that way I can make it that way :slight_smile:

hmm… how long is that movie?

I guess I was lucky… I watched it twice, and really it’s AWSOME. The story is really good.

If you can get your movie to me, I will post it for a while on my web space. This deserves to be seen in high resolution! Maybe DivX?

You should be proud of your work. This is excellent!

Thanks to everyone, and I’m really sorry about the Real player thing:)
I’m currentyl testing a way to make it downloadable, don’t forget it’s a 15 minutes short movie.
I’ll keep you updated.

Yo Eddy !!

Ca fait vraiment un gros moment que j’attends OOM, et Real Media Player c’est vraiment pas la joie… Streaming Sux !!
Si tu veux, ya aucuns problèmes je te prêtes un espace ftp, je te file le pass et tout et toi tu l’upload… :slight_smile:

I was wainting for the full OOM for a big while… But Ram Streaming Sux ! If you want I can give you a ftp and you’ll be able to upload OOM on it !


Thanks Eddy, I’ll keep trying (haven’t been able to see it yet- realplayer connection dying) In case it becomes available in other format great.
PS: what I’ve seen of it is awsome great timing and sound. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

WizardNX, I’m totally accepting your proposal if you have something around 70 megs?

garbager, I can’t wait for this to be downloadable! 70 MB for 15 minutes sounds about right. And please, if you can, use VirtualDub to compress the video with divx and remember to also compress the audio with mp3. I reduced your trailer to half of its size by simply compressing the audio.