OUT OF MEMORY project (updated 12/15/02)

(garbager) #1

Hi, people !
It’s a long time I hadn’t post anything.
For the moment, the YOOTH project is down for few weeks.
I’m trying to make a new short movie project, which is scheduled for january.
Here’s the first WIPs.

(Idgas) #2

That looks really nice. Its been awhile since I posted also. Did you use radiosity for the lighting looks really good. :slight_smile:

(garbager) #3

another one…


(garbager) #4

and another one :slight_smile:
Please note that it’s purely WIP, the scnes may change ALOT, before beeing considered as definitive.

(garbager) #5

Nope the first picture is simply Blender rendering.
Much Quicker than radiosity, and not enough far for justify all this time calculating, at least for what I try to achieve :slight_smile:

(slikdigit) #6

Really nice work. Hats off.
PS did I mention I like it?

(ec2) #7

I like them all, especially the chair. By the way, what ever happened with your buildings? Those are incredible models as well.

(garbager) #8

Thanks ec2.
The buildings are parts of the YOOTH project (a series that will be released on the net). YOOTH needs lots of time before beeing released cause I need to have basic material to be able to give people episodes regulary. So they’re on the side. I think in this short movie, they’ll make a short apparition, too :slight_smile:

(Zweistein) #9

Wow, your pics are wonderful. Really great.
I can´t wait to see your short.
btw. what is yooth project?

(garbager) #10

YOOTH project is one of my dream : a free series on the net, with serious content, made with free tools only.
I’ve posted some works in progress before on elysun and various sites.
Here are the links :




Cause I’m working on this short movie first, I had to pause the work on YOOTH, but I’ll started again in february. When I’ll have enough materials to start, I’ll release an episode a month, or eah two monthes. Each episode will be beetween 15 and 25 mins long. And it’s planned to be beetween 5 and 8 episodes for the first season.

(JD-multi) #11
  1. Hee chick, looking for someone ? … (pic 2) Just joking, really nice pictures, go on I really wanna see the project movie. bytheway did you use particles system for the gras or the plugin?

(garbager) #12

I used fiber, but the setiing of the scene was very clumsy in fact, I found myself with a very unstable scene with a density of 25000 Using the Lsystem plugin for tree was adding unstability to the scene.
So I ended with a not so good picture. But after thinking about this sequence, it’s not very important, cause it’ll recieve a lot of post-processing.

(garbager) #13

for fun… :slight_smile:

(garbager) #14

Here’s my today’s work.

I initially planned to reach this state after 3 days, but I managed to make it tonight.
ENY-ONE is the main character of OOM.
He’s a scientist who work with his assistant Theo-7 on a very special project.

(garbager) #15

Just before sleeping, a last update…

(paradox) #16

WOW I really really like your Out of Memory updates. Wow. Fantastic.
Paradox (stunned) :o

(Cativo) #17

Wow! How long did it take you? Is it really just blender? btw, what other apps do you know?

(S68) #18


so many wonderful pics :o


(pofo) #19

Damn that’s good!
I’m so envious that you can model something like that so fast (I usually don’t finish a model in under half a year :wink:
Only thing I’m wondering is, will he be able to move his arms freely with those joints? Or is that why he has an assistant :wink: ?
Great modelling and great lighting.

  1. pofo

(kaktuswasse) #20

wow… those pics are soooooooo nice! :o
I really like the atmosphere :smiley:

cya henrik