Out of memory while CPU cycles rendering

I have a Ryzen 7 with 32 gigs of ram.

This is the guilty scene. After optimizing my geometry, I was able to render properly. The most memory used during the rendering process (I use task manager) is about 12 Gigs. If I add too much geometry, and my memory use reaches 90% - 100%, I get an error. This happens even before any tiles are rendered. I always thought CPU render used virtual memory.

what about baking out a texture map, and also reduce the amount of polygons

How many vertices was it before you optimized it?

try 1000 to 10K verts

What are your settings for the terrain mesh, are you using micropolygon displacement for example?

If so, you rarely need to have a dicing rate below 0.75. I will also note that if you’re using the 2.79 official release, diced geometry can consume a lot of RAM if it’s close to the camera.

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yes, I am using adaptive render time subdivision, with true displacement.

maybe there might be an issue with your computer or it could be with blender it’self

I think @Ace_Dragon nailed it. This may be a problem with micro polygon displacement itself. I thought it would be symptomatic of what would happen if I had a complex scene with allot of geometry.

ok, well hope for the best with this project.

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Try reducing render subdivision rate: