Out of the Darkness. Week long challenge entry.

This is my entry for the week long challenge that’s running this week.

Modeled and rendered with 2.31. Texture made from a tree bark photo with lettuce leaves composited over the top. There’s some tomato sauce in there too for blood effect. Mapped using Nor Map input. Seperate versions for colour map and bump map. Armature rigged using new ‘Use closest bone’ system, whihc rocks by the way, thankyou coders.

Small amount of post work in photoshop for contrast.

Click here for link to image.

Thanks for looking, C&C welcome as usual.


Whoow… Looks creepy… :slight_smile:

But I think this needs more contrast and more glowing from the eyes. Right now It has the same feeling as a hounted house on a fair which has a hole in the plane to darken it inside. You can see everything. I hope you understand a little. My english is so bad… :expressionless:

But I like the dof. Really good… :slight_smile: