Out Of The Dust

Not completely satisfied but I think I’m going to call it good and move on to the next project


Wow, I’m literally at CFM right now! I was NOT expecting to find this! :smiley:

What is CFM?

“Come Follow Me,” It’s a gospel study curriculum. :slight_smile:

Right I wondered if that is what you meant. I just haven’t heard it abreveated before.

More contrast and a higher sample count for the denoiser to work with would be nice. There’s a lot of low-frequency noise which indicates the need for the latter.

Thank you for the advice. Where do I set the sampling for the denoiser?

Gotcha! Sorry about that ^^

How is this?

That is quite a bit better. The only other thing that would be nice is more detail in the rocks, but it depends on hardware somewhat.

Ya that is one of the things I’m not quite pleased with. I spent some time on that but I figured I’ll call what I had good there. Thanks for your advice.