my new project is to the theme of OUT OF THE JAWS OF DEATH

and im looking for idears any?

goes for the semi-obvious approach

How about a squirrel prying open a shark’s mouth with . . . . a toothbrush? I don’t know about the toothbrush, lol. It could have a cartoony feel. There should be blood in the water, maybe a boat torn in half.



im looking for somthing slightly less obvious and probably involving human related experience
but thanks heaps for your input

What about a cave, and someone is inside it when it collapses. The cave would represent jaws

Take it literally and make a grim reaper, with a skull, with its mouth open like it’s screaming, and have fire shooting out

If you’re going for realism, do something like a collapsed (exhausted) adult and child covered in dust and debris just outside a collapsed building.

Hmm, kind of like that volcano-in-LA film Tommy Lee Jones did.
Or at the World Trade Center.

just go for a human like lifeform trying to get out of a big jaw. in a black and white format…really dark…really expressive image

thanks for the ideas guys i love Duoas’ concept but i dont think im quite that good
i thought of a concept but i dont have a scanner so il show you this digital picture of it http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y59/volkofsky/P1010006.jpg

why does he have really large breasts?

Alex do i scence some jelousy?

lol er there not breasts its his suit il do a better picture anyway

no I was just curious

ok heres an update on the concept

he doesn’t have breasts anymore, that’s good, but maybe because he’s under quite a bit of pressure, maybe he should have sweat

um yer its jus a concept

ok sry I didn’t mean any offence

Aidan -

Gotta say, I’d skip the breasts… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: (sorry, the conversation was making me laugh).

<sobers up, becomes serious>

I saw the concept art (the second one looks pretty good if you can pull it off) but here’s another idea just to throw it out there… What about a guy, sans mammaries (Oh I’m a bad person, sorry) or a chipmunk or some other soon-to-be-dinner subject who is valiantly pushing against the teeth of some ginormous predator… be it a sinister shark, rabid walrus, or perhaps a really serious and emotionally mature eagle that is trying to crunch down for a snack (ok eagles don’t have teeth, but you get the idea).

I keep picturing a serious scene like WarHamster…

Ok, so even though I was being ridiculous, the idea is still there. Please don’t take my kidding the wrong way. Life is too short to be a serious Blender-er. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the theme idea, really!


Critter i like your idear but i dont fully understand what you meen do you think you could do a little sketch for me? thanks

To do a sketch it’d have to wait until tomorrow (tablet pc is at work), but no problem.

Verbally, picture a row of teeth at the top of the scene, a row and the bottom, and standing just inside the mouth, is our main character, in tribute to Neal Stephenson, we’ll name our character “Hiro Protagonist”… Now, Hiro is straining very hard, pushing against the roof of the mouth of Big-Evil-Hungry-[insert beastie here] or against the rather large upper cuspid of said beastie. You got Hiro’s sweat, beastie’s drool dripping down, the dark maw of the creature subltly defocused in the background, shadows of the teeth playing across Hiro’s twisted visage and upper torso.

Now, I gotta believe this is one tough mother of a scene to do, so I’m not going to be offended if you feel like running screaming into the night to avoid the very thought of it.

I’ll zip you over a sketch tomorrow if the bosses don’t try to crush me tomorrow.


(by the way, if you haven’t read Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash” you just haven’t lived :smiley: )

How about when he breaks the glass, the shards look like sharp teeth and fangs?

I think a closeup on a car crash would be pretty awesome. Maybe zoom in where the door meets the body and show blood on the ground next to the jaws of life and all with an ambulance reflected in a piece of broken glass? Just an idea–take it or leave it.