Out of the water

So, I’m trying to make a simple animation, where my logo, comes out of the water, similar to Atlantis in Stargate Atlantis. But I can’t figure out how to make the water look real. Can anyone help? Thank You

That is very difficult, as blenders fluids are not… phenominal. But i am, so I can do it :smiley:

Idk how you would go about this, first get a nice material I guess?

Umm, what does ldk stand for?

Anyway, I was trying to add water in the background, but I’m guessing that makes my domain so big that the resolution is bad, unless I spend days processing it? So if this is the case, are there any other ways to do it?

Pretty much. If you want good looking water you need a good CPU, a LOT of memory, and a huge amount of time.

idk = ‘I don’t know’

this should really be in the help section.

you’re not going to be able to make the blender fluid go all the way to the horison. You need to somehow make your fluid-sim fade seamlessly into a plane or something with that classic flat horison that the sea has.

OK, thanks. Do you have a good tut on how to make a sea out of a plane. (Would I use the wave modifier, or would I use a texture, or both)?

check out cogfilms.com, the “Tutorials” section.

wow great site :slight_smile:

thanks for the post N00bhaxor :slight_smile:


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