Out of Warranty

This idea came to me when I saw the call for submissions for Blender Art #29 - Industrial Revolution.

The piece is inspired by both the industrial revolution and it’s eventual hand in the oil spill in the gulf.

Very cool idea, my only critique would be that it seems a bit too flatly lit to me, but that’s probably just my personal taste.

yeah - I agree on the lighting. I initially had a much much smaller res version that I was playing around with that used ambient occlusion. Unfortunately, my ancient laptop (2G ram) could only barely render this thing out if I broke it into passes and also broke it up into tiles manually shifting the camera…pain in the ass.

In the end, I just had to settle for this lighting, as it was taking too much time and too many crashes to tweak further.

Wow, that sounds like some painful rendering. If you wanted to go a little further with the lighting and such I’d be willing to render it for you on my machine.

I love it.

When I first say this two words spilled from my mouth one of which was Holy and the other was a four letter word starting with S and ending with T. I really like this, and the slight hint of steam punk without going overboard is wonderful. Just one question… Was the smoke from the candle done in blender or another software?

Wow, nice attention to detail. However, I agree with CMonson when he said it feels flat. It looks like a conventional painting and lacks depth. The Oil material is a bit weird too.

Overall a good attempt.