Out of work, because of a nib

My pen nib wore out and I can’t find my replacements. I ordered replacements but it looks like it’s going to take long time. I can’t draw or sculpt :(.

If you’re using a Wacom or similar tablet and have easier access to fishing lines or a similar material you can try to kludge a replacement out of it while the actual replacements don’t arrive.

Check out what this guy did for an example. This should work for older pen models too, because I’ve been hearing about the fishing line trick for years.

It’s a bit of a hack, but take an ordinary pencil, any old piece of paper, and draw on it.


I would have to get those materials from the store.

Did no one teach you how to shop!?

Unless you’re living with your parents, how do you get food?


Years back some people reported success using a strand of spaghetti in their Wacom pen. Admittedly spaghetti might be in short supply at the moment, depending on your location. :sneezing_face:

Other than that assuming it is a Wacom pen nib that you are looking for - you have checked the pen stand, right? There’s a bunch of spares hidden in it for the newer models, Intuos et al. Opens when twisting it.

I’m using a cheap huion h610pro 8192. I found the pen nib holder, but the bottom was missing. The part with the nibs was gone. I ordered replacements but have not seen it shipped yet. I also ordered some from china.

Cheap Chinese brands are cheap for a reason, they aren’t that great in quality and they aren’t built that well.

It’s really a “you get what you pay for” situation. You can get a tablet from such brands for less than 100 bucks, but it will barely play Candy Crush or even run Android itself.

What country is wacom tablets? I figure it was china also. This might explain the higher price tag. The wacom tablet that is needed cost $300.00+ It becomes more than educational and a hobby at those prices. I want the wacom tablet. To get one I would need a 4 months savings.

There might be a chance to get an existing nib and with some superpowers and melted plastic and lots of sandpaper to create an extension. Such as for example you can try plastic soda caps or some other type of plastic of some old and unused computer hardware that can stick together with the nib.

You can search on youtube how to use melted plastic or patch holes with plastic etc. Just to get an idea.

China has both cheap and premium brands, the point I am trying to make is that in many cases, quality is dependent on how much you are willing to pay. To sell a cheaper product, companies often cut corners or trim features so they can still make a profit.

Wacom is a japanese company. Tablet is made in China though, no surprises there.

I would make my replacement out of bamboo, try finding some, the leaves have some cylindrical, thin and smooth sections that you can cur off.

Coat one of the sides of the stick with something smooth like a drop of epoxy resin so it doesnt scratch your tablet and it should be good to go.

Xp-pen is another brand. They are usually cheaper than Wacom. The pencil doesn’t have a battery either, but from what I’ve seen pencils are a little bigger than wacom. You search for xp-pen reviews on YouTube.


But if you are a Linux user, you should inquire about whether this is supported on Linux. Wacom has Linux drivers built into all Linux distros.

The xp-pen deco-01 V2 would be my next tablet choice. They have a beta linux driver, and according to my searching, it’s supported out of the box. That is about the xp-pen deco-01 V2. I didn’t search on the other tablets by xp-pen. According to my searching huion will not develop a linux driver. The huion h610pro V2 is not fully supported according to my search. It might work, but I’m not going to try it. The Xp-pen deco-01 would be my choice, because of the driver. It would be really nice to get a wacom, but I don’t want to spend that amount of money when there is nothing returning from the work I do.

A friend of mine often grabs a Bic pen, leaves the little plastic cap on, and draws with it. Works.

You can also tape a piece of paper onto a tablet and literally draw on it, producing both a digital and a paper copy of your art.

Great then. Do you know if this is an official driver or community driver? I hope they add a GUI tool for configuration too.

Wacom used to have the ‘inking’ pen for that. I got one for cheap and yeah that does not work. :slight_smile: - you’re either working towards producing an image on the monitor or one on the sheet of paper. Line art will look totally different and you’ll have to work zoomed out all the way which in my case meant jiggly or incomplete lines as the software tries to pick up paint strokes that totally work on paper.

I use it as a regular (nerdy) ballpoint pen nowadays…

The Xp-Pen deco linux driver is developed by xp-pen. You can download the driver from their webpage. Not sure about the one included with the kernel. I assume it’s the same driver, or at least was based on it. It’s according to reviews on amazon that the xp-pen works out of the box.

If I had some sand paper I would try and round the tip of the nib.