Out of your screen

I thought low light yellowing was from film, nope. I started it for fun in the morning only for practice then was happy with it. I would have brought in some lights and made the scene better. I did not want to mess with camera tracking so its just a still.
I hope you like it

A tip is to have a slight camera movement, even if it’s a fake/2D one - it just brings the back plate to life, even if it’s faked. A static backplate just looks like a still photo - and thus fake - even if it’s actually a filmed plate… :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, sry… Let’s add that I really like the idea, now it looks like I’m just critiquing… ;D

No. I do not want to move it. If I wanted to make it look more real I could spend alot of time on it I and do many things to it the list is extensive.
I think if you move the camera it will look 2d / fake you will see instantly it is a pic.

The trick is to move the virtual camera so subtle that lack of parallaxing doesn’t give it away. Even a cam on a tripod isn’t still-image static, that’s the movement I’m talking about. :wink:

Oh I see now what you are talking about. thanks