Outdated Ubuntu software repository!

Ubuntu’s software repository is soooooo outdated! Blender 2.45, Synfig Studio 0.61.7(Should be 0.61.7), and probably outdated everything else! VERY recent ubuntu distro. :yes: Even after I installed A-HUNDRED-AND-TWENTAY-SIX whopping updates! But still, the Add or Remove programs outdated! I tried :
" sudo apt-get install blender"
That gives me 2.45.
“sudo apt-get install blender update”
That says No update available.
For synfig same. :frowning:
Dunno how I downloaded blender I’ll download synfig from site.
After Downloading Blender how I install? (clueless over 1 month Ubuntu user!)
I’m not that knowledgable about anything except that the software repository is oudated to March or April '08!

Download blender from blender.org
save the tar.bz2
open console and navigate to the file
tar xvjf <filename>.tar.bz2
Then you got a directory called <filename>
go there and either run “./blender”
or make a desktopshortcut to the blender binary.

and i dont know about ubuntu repositories, but i am almost certain there are stable, unstable and testing repositories as well. you might read yourself into APT :wink:

The idea behind package managers is not having to install things manually.
If you have something “downloaded” by the package manager, it is also installed.

About the outdated blender… Well, it is necessary that someone compiles and packages blender and puts it in the repository.

You can search the forum for other topics like this, where some other people give the address to other repositories that have updated blenders.

Or you can download it from the blender.org site, unzip it and use :slight_smile:

For serious work on a linux machine you shouldn’t (can’t) rely solely on the repositories. Also take the time to learn how to grab sources and build things. It’s very rewarding, but requires patience and knowing how to search for things.

Or, as a hobbyist, you can take the advice above and download recently compiled binaries. For bleeding-edge you can try user-contributed builds at http://graphicall.org.

I think you still need to understand how Ubuntu does its release cycles. Every six months, they release a new version of Ubuntu. Leading up to the release of their new version, they collect all of the software to be included in their repositories. Once they release the new version, they only supply security bug fixes to the programs. Even if something big like OpenOffice released a new version, chance are that you would have to wait until the next Ubuntu release to upgrade.

The whole point of this is to make sure that the software is all working. It also helps make sure that things don’t start breaking within Ubuntu. While Blender wouldn’t be the cause of this, other updates could end up breaking the system.

There is a repository called Backports which may be of help. It doesn’t currently have blender 2.47, but you might be able to request it.

Frankly, I never use Blender from the Ubuntu repository. Instead, I download the source and build an optimized version for my machine. If you don’t want to do this then just download one of the binaries from blender.org.

Anyone else used backports and requested? And if I remember correctly 6 months ago it was…April. And I just gotta use update to update ubuntu right? And And in pre-april(I think around January-February time it was still Ubuntu 8.04. (But I’m not sure I think it showed Blender .43 before) :clueless:

8.04 was released in April. Their numbering system works this way: Y.MM
so it’s more like 2008.04, or April 2008. The next version should be 8.10

yep I think what I downloaded was in the 7.0 series. The numbering’s weird.

This comes up every month or so.
is your answer.