Outdoor Barrel Scene

Hey there!,

My name is Jason, and am 14 years old an live in the S.E. United States, and have played with Blender before, but have just gotten serious with it.

I’m working on a outdoor barrel scene, (based off of a tutorial by Andrew Price, I claim no ownership on the idea) in Cycles.

I was wondering of there is anything that pops out as “strange”, or out of place? I don’t think the back wall looks quite right, something looks wrong with it.

I appreciate any constructive criticism.




nothing is off about it. What you’re missing is imperfections.

By this I mean that the barrels are identical. Switching textures would make this different enough. Like adding rust or labels or waste spilling, bullet holes etc. (you get the drift). The floor could have loose panels, grass growing out, moss on the back wall. You could implement artificial lighting like a light bulb which would offer more compositing choices. Sparks flying off from the ceiling, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da.

So to conclude. Subtlety. Try subtle things.

Thanks for your feedback, and I agree with it. I am going to leave the project for now and come back to it later. I rendered a test render this morning, and there are of course obvious flaws, the bricks being nearly black and the board being 6 inches off the ground spring to mind.