Outdoor Cafe (update of apples and knife)

Hello everyone! I havent posted in a while, but I recently did this. C&C are welcome! (update at bottom of page)
:smiley: http://img72.exs.cx/img72/7613/apples5ff.jpg

Those are some nice looking apples :slight_smile:

Two suggestions I would offer right away are:

  • to consider making the knife handle a different color, such as black (plastic) or something woodlike

  • if that’s an angmap in the back, presumably there for reflection purposes, the darkish part on the rear left is a little distracting. That might be fixable in a graphic editor though such as GIMP. Colorwise too it could probably be adjusted to harmonize more with the foreground palette.

The table texture and apple shaders are nicely done. The apple shaders could probably be tweaked a little bit more, maybe a slight cloud on Col or very small Nor to help break up the uniformity of the texture. Possibly some hardness/specularity/ramp minor tweaks too, but they really do look nice.

Make me wish I had some fresh apples to eat right now :wink:

Take care,

Thanks Robertt! I like your feedback, its actually thought out and helpfull. I did change the table by making the grout non-reflective and adding more nor to show features in the tile. I havent saved that version yet though, so I cant post that yet, but when I do I’ll definitly post it. The background comment is very helpful too, I hadent noticed that. Thanks for crituiqes! :smiley:

Very nice-looking picture :slight_smile:

IMHO the apples look a little too red. Making them darker might help :slight_smile:

I agree with the redness issue, but my goal in this image is to create a fun, light, and cheery image. I want some happyness :smiley: But, as always, thanks for the critiques!

I like the image. I agree that the lighter red works for the picture. The only crit that I have is that the counter surface looks completely flat, which seems odd with the tile texture, I would suggest putting a Nor map on the surface (or if there is one already turning up the Nor factor) to make the tiles stand out from the grout.

Good apples, good image overal.

very nice pic,good modeling,but try adding some bump map on that table.

Looks nice overall. I think the shadows are too hard though.

I’ll take what you all said into consideration and revise this image. Before I do I’d like to ask though, does anyone think the specularity is messed up? One of my freinds mentioned that, but I’m not sure if they are right or not.

I think it’s finally finished! But C&C are still welcome.


I have been following your project for about a week now, and I recall somebody posting something about the grout of the countertop. (looking too flat, and that you should add a bump map.) Nice job with that…it gives the counter some character. :stuck_out_tongue:

The grout of the countertop if very black, and in places where the counter is cracked it makes it looked very old. Some nice looking apples and a clean knife for a really old counter? I remember something like this in a thread about an ipod picture, which can be found here:


The desk was too old for the nice, new, clean ipod mini. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I almost forgot…Nice work! :slight_smile:

First I’d like to say thank you cmtlover for following this project. Now to respond to your post:
The counter top is a spanish style tile, therefore it’s suppose to look weathered. I’ve observed many situations in which an old looking counter is either a new counter ment to look weathered or it is fairly old but is still used. Just because it looks or is old, doesnt mean new things can’t be set on it. A great example of this is a school desk. Some are old, written on, and even chipped in areas. But people put there new school supplies on them all the time. It doesnt look out of place, it’s just a fact of life that set fixtures cannot be easily and constantly replaced. But smaller items can. Hopefully you now understand that the apples and knife are not out of place, just put on a used surface. :smiley:

:o wow, there have been a lot of veiws on this post. I know that not everyone who has seen it is a member but to those of you who are I’d like to make a request.
I am very curious if anyone agrees with cmtlovers reply to my update. If a majority are then I’ll change it. Also, does anyone have suggestions on anything that would make you go :o wooooooooo. Or is this just an ok image that doesnt have much to work with?
Response would be apprictiated greatly! :smiley:

I like how this version came out. It’s the apples, knife, napkin, and a teacup with saucer. C&C are welcome! :smiley:

GREAT updates blend1988! The handle looks better, as does everything else. I’m happy you stuck with it :slight_smile:


nice updates the new pic looks good! i was wondering what size is that teacup :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, well Leon, I’m not really sure, I realize it may be a little big cmpared to the apples but I’m not sure if it is or not… if that makes sence.