outdoor scene: Simple Life

I did this pic to train my light and texture skills in blender
hope you like it :smiley:


C&C are welcome

I do. (like it that is)

There’s really nothing to critisise, it’s just fine.

I like what youv’e done, my only crit would be the left side of the image does not do justice to the right, the buildings in the background seem bleak comparied the good one up close on the right and the black in the windows is too dark and a overaly powerful black can kill other colours, if you can how about a dark brown and blue hemi in the building to achieve a correct tone for the windows, other than that excellent. :wink:

thx for the comments :smiley:

here are the shaded and wired version


I don’t like the shadow of the plants…:-? it don’t look as real as other parts of the image. Also, shadow below window. I guess that glitch is caused by using spot light? I think spot light in blender produce poor shadow :-? However they are fast. maybe you should use a raytraced shadow+area light… of course you’ll find longer rendering time, but this nice image worth it… :slight_smile:

Looks very nice!

My only crit would be to model the top of the main building in the picture (The one with the slanted roof). As is right now, I can see some sky texture poking through at the top of the building. It is not blatently obvious, but still it detracts a little from this picture.

Great job.

the sky is too dark compared to the light.
I agree that the right part is nice, shadows are too blurry and left buildings are too gloomy…

overall: very nice :smiley:
are you going to dig in it some more?


Hmm, at first sight I thought it was a really good picture! but when studied a while I noticed a few things that “bothered” me.

Besides those already mentioned…

  1. The shadows are to light, on a clear sunny day the shadows should be much darker. The leftmost building shows almost no contrast between front and side walls!
  2. The feeling of an old building, with cracks and the concrete falling of is at places missing so some parts looks brand new. Look at ground and the ledge where the flowers are standing
  3. The two right most windows clearly shows that those are totally flat!

Besides this I really like your textures on the building!


It’s a nice image but I also see the sky poking from the top. Just model that part a little more or move the camera a few pixels down.

thx for the comments

I know that there are some mistakes in my picture but I wanted to do a 100% scanliner pic without raytracing or othere things :wink:

thx for all your comment again, they helped me much :smiley:

Well it’s quite good for no raytracing then, i’m even more impressed :slight_smile:

Very nice and clean looking. there’s something about the lighting and shadows though that bugs me…and I can’t quite put my finger on it… oh well. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

I really like it, the buildings on the left though look a bit out of place, but that’s the only crit. Defineatly great job on lighting and texturing!

saves to HD


I agree with Sgt. Bilko… looks like the buildings on the left are of a different era than the buildings on the right. I like it though. :slight_smile:

thats really groovin, but i seems to lack a subject, i was thinking that you could put like a 6 pack of old fasion milk sitting on the step or somthing to leave a warmer fealing. :slight_smile: but looks great