Outdoor Scene

Hello fello artists. This is the first post I have ever done on here, I’m pretty happy about it. I made this picture over the summer and I wasn’t able to finish it until recently because of summer work and back to school projects and what not. I hope you all like it.

The creek looks good to me, as does the creek bank. I also think the very close to the camera foreground looks good. What doesn’t look right to me is that tree growing out of that rectangular brick. The grass in background looks too sparce and the scaling looks off to my eye. The scaling or displacement on the some of the tree bark looks too heavy or big in some cases.

Overall it’s a nice scene, that would be worth putting some extra time into.

Why my rating was as is:
Awesome: Not photo-realistic and or amazing compositionally.
Well made: Stretched tree textures and other texture issues. Easy to tell it’s 3d. Modeling isn’t superbly organic or anything. Blur is kind of annoying. Moving white things seems a bit strange. Harleynut97 mentioned a lot of other things.
Okay: I can tell what the scene is trying to do. Strong points of the scene are probably in the water and the close up of the tree to the left (although the leaves on that tree look a bit flat).
Bad: Well you put effort in it and the models look decent.
Terrible: I’m not mean. haha.

Things I think are off:

  1. tree textures.
  2. tree models (probably sapling or something I’m assuming? or if not whatever. The branches are too pointy sometimes…)
  3. that wooden thing that’s supporting the tree. Can’t tell what it is and it looks peculiar.
  4. rocks could be better
  5. White moving things could be smaller? It is ambiguous to what they are though. I’m assuming they are flying insects or something.
  6. ground textures are very blatant and pop out in the picture rather than subtly blend in.
  7. grass is sparse like Harleynut97 said. also the taller grass could use some diversity in height and such. They are all leaning to the right. Not sure if there is wind because the trees would have a bit of a sway too (branches), if so.
  8. leaves on the center tree with the ladder on it are glowing. Looks strange.

Anyway I’m not sure what you’re trying to do with this piece but I’ve sort of got an idea? Seems like you put a lot of effort into it so good job. Looks okay but there could be improvements to this piece.

Composition would be good if there was a clearer focus. I’m assuming the focus is supposed to be that center tree with the small ladder on it. Anyway, hope to see where this work goes.

Thank you guys for your criticisms. I will definitely take your suggestions into mind in the next render that I do.