Outdoors (Luxrender)

I’ve been playing with Lux a bit, this image uses the lux environment sunsky.
Many tweaks were done with the materials & textures.
Lux, Blender & image textures are used.
There is only 1 light in the scene.

OMG!! How did you do the grass. It might be because you used lux but thats the most realistic grass ive ever seen:D

It looks very nice. Keep it up

If you were going for realism than you didn’t quite make it there considering the pitch black areas, if you were going for a more artistic style than it’s okay for a start.

the grass is mostly by Gabich
with some random rotation & modeled wheat & barley for variety.

yavorh, thanks. =)

CD, thanks, I like it too!

Nice, you may want to try an angular map for the sky. I 'm really wanting to see some blue and clouds.

Care to post your settings?
Like integrator, sampler and how many samples the above image represents?

That is absolutely beautiful, nicely done!
Your grass makes my grass reach for the lawnmower.
Love the whole lighting of it, and the layout…

NoshBar, Thanks!

Here’s the 2nd in this series.

The first image looks fantastic, the lighting is beautiful. With the second image, maybe you’ve done it deliberately for surreal effect? but the scaling is way out of whack with all elements and the sky is very pixelated.

I presume you have used an exr, medium and low res hdr/exr maps are fine for lighting but I would never use them as a background image unless they are huge. Try an image mapped plane or there are a few high res hdrs on openfootage.net, http://www.openfootage.net/.

hi seanser,
thanks for the honest hints,
I’ll take another look at the second image,
really I was not happy with it either,
but the concept is good.
I used only 2 lights in the scene, no exr/hdr,
I may also have overdone the post in Lux.
Thanks again.

back to the learning curve. :wink: