Hi everyone, I’ve built a little scene that I want to share with you guys. I am interested in your opinion.
I used: E-Cycles and the Graswald addon. The rendering time at 3000px height was around 1.5 hours - although actually only the lower half had to be rendered.
I then added the sky and look in Photoshop. The sky and the clouds are a mix of different images.
Mainly I wanted to test the new Sky Node. I think that’s really great. I just noticed that as soon as I press F12 and it loads the assets, it resets the values. So I created two nodes. The node that is not connected is reset. The one that is connected then retains the values. Do you have the same problem?

Final Image after post in PS:


reminds me of the swamp from the lord of the rings that appears in the second film!

Great job, looks really good!


Looks fantastic, the only thing that struck me are the reflections in the foreground that reflect a blue sky while the scene has a lovely stormy look, it could be an out of camera clear patch but I had to think a bit. Anyway I think it is really good and has a lovely mood to it, well done.

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The post pro is terrific. You managed to setup a great scene

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@Raikuzu Had to google that, but yeah, you’re right! Pretty much in that direction. Thank you!

@DNorman Yes, that’s right, I should have reduced the dynamics / saturation. Or that the sky is reflected in it. On the other hand, I think that’s pretty good because it gives the foreground more details. Thank you!

@Null_Dispatch Thx! :slight_smile:

Looks fantastic!
Are you using Sun position addon? Maybe it is reseting Sky node.

Great stuff! really like the mood of the final shot.

Out of curiosity, what did you use for the mountains / hills? I’m trying to do similar scenes and struggling to find a workflow that doesn’t crash my poor PC ):

Andy (:

@AndyRedwood thank you! for the landscape i used a free plugin:

add mesh -> landsacpe. after this you have many options to play with.
after the mesh was created i added a material:

not perfect, but the mountains are far away. in this way it was okay for me. the rest was postproduction. the top of motains coverd in fog/clouds.

@eelh thank you :slight_smile: - thanks for the hint. I have to check that :slight_smile: probably that was it

Many thanks for the breakdown, this is really useful!

A (:


Beautiful landscape, nice depth and grass settings

@AndyRedwood no problem. let me see your results! :slight_smile:
@pchef thx man!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thx bart, nice weekend

You added the wrong b
Picture to blendernation. You used an early preview step. The final one is on the end of my post

ah, updated!

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You’re #featured! :tada:

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Thx @bartv

I would be happy to meet you on Instagram :slight_smile:

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oh didnt know. thx…
i added it. have a nice day

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Really nice post-processing. :slight_smile:

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