Looks very nice, although I have to mention that one long reverse-L shaped grass leaf is repeating in a visible way, but that’s up to Graswald creator I think.

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nice atmosphere ! i can almost feel the coldness and the smell of mud

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Beautiful work.

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@ShaafiCoffee thank you very much, glad to hear that!

@Acrivec thank you - i guess you are right. I didn’t notice it before. in the future i will pay attention to it. thank you!

@dedouze thank you :slight_smile: is it the “good” kind or is it the gross kind of smell? :wink:

@Leonard_Siebeneicher I appreciate it!

Love the feel of the image. Awesome job.

oh god… you are master

Awesome work, I saw this post on insta and I’ve been wanting to make scenes like this. Continue the great work!

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Very atmospheric image :+1:

Many thanks for the breakdown, this is really useful!