Outer Space - Possible BGE Comp Entry

Hey there… I wanted to present you my possible candidate for the bge competition!
I wanted to create a simple game. So this is what I came up so far. A simple Pinball Game enriched with some features that are usually not in such type of game.

I have some further Ideas. We will see if I can accomplish them.
Particle Effects are done with my Easy Emit Addon.

I hope you like what you see so far :smiley:

Ahh, some classic pinball! I really like what you’ve done with it, you are very graphically talented!

very nice! I especially love the effects.
I would like to see several different themes and layouts though! A mini-game system would be nice aswell, with challenges and points awarded upon completion. Also, the GUI (scoreboard) begs some attention :slight_smile:

thank you Ross! :slight_smile:

@ mokazon,
thanks too. Yeah… the scoreboard is a bit empty and very simple.
At this point, thanks Goran for your Score Tutorial!

man this brings back memories playing something similar to this on the old windows 98 as a little kid. considering im only 18 now i guess that wasn’t to long ago… but any who

NDEE it looks awesome very professional clean graphics, i like how the whole screen shakes when you hit a surten part i think you should add more of that and maybe in the background behind the pinball machine like a star field going by really fast like your in a warp speed or something maybe with fast music to give the game some edge.

This is brilliant. Looks nice and responsive with very professionally polished graphics. Lots of nice little details you’ve managed to fit into this.

@ndee you bluffing it’s not done in bge its a old game from nepon studio.

thanks for your compliments! This is a cool that the game brings you back to good memories! This shows it has some value :slight_smile:

thank you! It looks polished but is actually hacked together… Because it is more or less a prototype I have made lots of things very hacky :smiley:

@Jack Sparme
nepon studio? never heard :smiley:

Looks beautiful, plays smooth and feels professional. Awesome! :slight_smile:
BGE is ideal for these kind of games.

nepon = Japan . to ensure it did on blender post a screenshot or a video shows your works in.

@ martinsh
thanks alot :slight_smile:
Yeah, it really wasn’t to hard at all to achieve this in the bge! A nice project to learn.

@ Jack
I don’t see why the bge shouldn’t be capable of such a relative simple game. But yeah… I can post some more screens for you ^^

Image appended. Proof enough?? ^^


i LOVE pinball!!!


where can i download

reaally, really nice blender pinball! :wink: can you upload here your “Easy Emit Addon” please? or its only your secret? :smiley:

I was thinking a lot… HOW YOU MAKE THAT GOOD TEXTURES?!

I love these textures, how, HOW?! :stuck_out_tongue:

pretty amazing dude

Again, you nailed another beautiful game!

Well… what should I say… I painted them ^^
I am a 2D Artist too… so this was not too hard.


Thank you… Now I need to make a nice gameplay :slight_smile:

Hadn’t seen your project before, your pinball board has a very nice design, the background and other things also do not attract too much unwanted attention.

If I may opine, do you intend to centralize the text at the ‘Game Over’ part of the interface?

I also think I should mention this old pinball game, maybe it can help you somehow? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc1eDEi1pE0&feature=related