'Outing' myself as a closet animator

O.K. so imagine I’ve created a brilliant piece of rendered animated 3D artwork, what then?

I understand that I can output it in various forms but that still only gets it as far as the hard drive on my PC.

Can I get it onto Mobile Phones or anywhere else in the public domain?
How does the physical side of all that work ?

I’ve allways been a hobby animator but some friends told me that my stuff deserves a bigger audience than just me !

At the most direct and practical level my question is… once I have created my artwork how do I make money from it?

thanks for any help and advice you can give,

someone who is feeling a bit thick and stupid :expressionless:

You could try the music industry, maybe it’s good for a videoclip.
But most of the time clients are only willing to pay if it does what they wanted it to do.
You could post the animation to various magazines and web galleries for recognition and hope a client strolls along.
You could build a website where you sell your animations and models.

it usually works the other way around. you have to find someone who wants an animation and then make what they want to see, then get paid.

and it’s not always art at that point :-?



I would try to convince you to donate them to me since I am creating a 3D free education for all world. People will be able to walk around chat, and go to free classes ( video lectures people will donate provided by very nice people)   it is a good cost, and if the game gets big, you will definitely be a part of the team.  if you are interested, plz email me at [email protected] 

 If you goal is to make money right now, your best bet is to convince people that you are good and have them hire you other wise.