"Outlets without a Purpose" (WC 230)

This is my entry for Blender Artists Weekend Challenge 230 (“If there wasn’t electricity” theme).

The outlets would feel sad and lost without electricity…

This was a fun little weekend project. I’m going for a much simpler than usual style in this one.

This is a pure Blender 2.43 render.

Thanks for checking out my work,


Even your simple images look good.

Nice one RobertT. Funny too.:wink:

So that’s what I’m up against in this Weekend’s Challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Cyborg Dragon, even a simple clean image can carry a strong meaning. The emotions of the outlets is actually pretty well done. Might be a tad too much of blur though

Nice image as always!

Lol, nice one RobertT. Its pretty funny, but not for the reason you’d expect.

The one on the far left looks like he has just seen something interesting, (going from left to right), the one in the foreground looks genuinely sad, the next looks a bit like the one on the far left but just a bit sader, the one lying down looks like a baby crying its eyes out, the two on the wall look like they’re singing, the next looks like he has seen something interesting on the ceiling, and lastly, the one on the right looks like he’s performing an opera or imagining doing something very, very rude.

Brilliant idea.

4 stars.

Very good!:smiley:
They’re maybe a bit too reflective, but the rest of it’s brilliant:yes:
Cool idea as well:)

Oh, man! This one really makes me smile! I love it, just the concept of it alone is awesome, but you’ve pulled it off really well!

5 stars

But nicely done.

You’re lighting is absolutely insane! Wish I could pull renders like this. As always, I love it Robert!