Outline (no backface culling or freestyle)

want an outline similar to that orange outline when you select an object.
backface culling will not work cause i don’t want the size of the outline to depend on how far the object is.
don’t want to use freestyle cause it’s for render

basically this is how i want it to look
how could i do this?

There’s a new Outline node in development. You can get a test build here: https://gumroad.com/l/blender-outline-node/free


Other than that, you could use Cycles ToonKit OSL nodes. Not really any options beyond that.

thanks, i have a potato 32bit tho.
weird that there’s no way to do this, since blender kinda already has it with that outline when object is selected.
am guessing there’s no addons or something like that for 2.80?

Yeah. People have been asking to get even just the selection outline as a node or post process for years. But there always seems to be reluctance since its not seen as being a proper line tool that would work at good quality. So we’ve just gotten none at all until someone decided to make this outline node.

Its a shame because decent quality, practically real time options have existed in other programs for years (like sketchup). But it was just never much of a developer priority apparently.

We did get Blender Edge post process for Blender Internal engine a long time ago, but that wasn’t great and has been removed along with the BI engine.

If you contact the dev he might be willing to make a 32bit build. It’ll probably be awhile yet before this makes it into official builds. This is his twitter: https://twitter.com/pragma37