Outliner functionality lost in 2.8?

Have we lost this functionality to select child objects directly without spreading all the hierarchy tree in the Outliner?

I’m afraid yeah.

But maybe you can try to bring it back. :wink:

Yes i reported it as a bug in the official developers tasks but would be good if more people express their will to get the feature back somehow…

I don’t think this is a bug, sounds more like a weird design decision, that’s why I posted the link above. The man working in the outliner right now seems to be a good guy, he actually listen (or at least consider) the feedback.

It is a trade off. You can’t have this and the grouping of objects with the tiny number together.

Thinking of collections you often have tons of objects. So not have the ability to blindly click on them without knowing which one you were clicking was considered a worthy price to pay in favor of:



I think you should bring this capability back to make the outliner more powerful with big/complex scenes.

Could it be possible to have an objects selection list while pressing the mouse over a childs icon? (for example)

Not spreading the hierarchy while able to select childs is very useful and quick to work with. This would make Blenders outliner more flexible than in other apps.