OUTLINER: how to group stuff into 1 file?


I made a mesh from a few 90 metaballs and have quite a lot to scroll over these to work on top and at the bottom of this long list. Is there a way to pull them all into one single file (or anything) to have a sole ligne occupied?
I tried with parenting to an empty… but it looks like i can’t collapse it all to it… :spin:
Throw them onto another layer doesn’t get me ridd of neither.

Some way to shorten the Outliner’s column?

Just put them in another scene, add them to a group. Then, in your master scene use a single empty to dupligroup them into that scene. Then they will show up as a single object in that scene’s outliner.

Perhaps you could group as many of them as possible, and have the Outliner display groups.
Or put them in different Scenes, with empties linking to them. Then display Scenes.
Or Display Visible Layers – ‘Group’ them layerwise - i.e. you put groups of them in different layers, some of which are turned off.

Just a suggestion(s). Hopefully one will work :wink:

Edit: Ahh, beaten to the draw. :smiley:

Thanks to both of you,

I grouped them and sent them way to a far far layer… They where still all one by one in the outliner… 8/
I also made an empty as parent to rule them all, but these folks of black riders yet would keep their place in outliner.
Before i read your posts, and once i was sure the conversion from metaballs to a single mesh has succeded, i dumped them all into the pit of erasement!
Basta, voila, over, finito! :o
Does anyone know if, in 2.6, it will be possible to grab and pull down and up the outliner’s elements… and also to create a suitecase there to pull stuff in there?

Would be nice. Currently, you’d have to do Rename everything alphabetically. PITA IMHO.

However, I use that to my advantage in practical use for finding stuff in a long outliner.

I am still not sure why you could not collapse them under the empty. That seems odd.

I’d suggest you take a look at fourmadmen’s Layer Manager. I’m quite sure that a combination of that and the Outliner can ease a lot of your problems. You can get it at Blender Scripts Catalog, or at fourmadmen.com.

Thank you makr,

I bookmarked the link, just in case (but i’m still no good with handdling scripts).
Also, i’m in 2.5… forgot to mention… :o