Outliner: how to switch render/view/select for a hierarchy ?

Hi !
Everything is in the title: When I have lots of parenting going on, I end up with a complex structure in the outliner.

For instance:
Object A is parent of AA, AB and AC.
AB is parent of ABA,ABB, ABC and ABD.

Now if I want to simplify my viewport , I have to open the hierarchy for A completely and switch the little view/select/render boxes.

Do you know a shortcut ?

I wish it was possible to Alt-click on the eye/arrow/render icon for all the children objects and theire descendants to be switched on/off…

Up :slight_smile:

It seems this is just impossible right now…
Am I the only one regretting that ?

Hmmm… I dare to re-post that question. I haven’t found a way to do that and I’d like to know how you go about that.
Isn’t it a needed feature ?