Outliner layers colors?

Currently, I like the blue overlay for selection of items in outliner.
So, I am not a fan of that idea.
But I would not be annoyed if collection icon had a custom color. And it probably would be sufficient for collapsed collection.
Now, if you want color shared through all items of collection when collection is expanded : that makes sense to have it for background.
But that implies to find other solutions for exposing selection and active item than the ones currently used.

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I’d like for collections to have optionally customizable colors which would also work in viewport selection outline. Just not defined in preferences but in an Outliner
– ie. right click on Collection > | drop down menu | > Set Color

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Sounds good but which color should be used for the outline if an object is in multiple collections?

user knows best, so user defined a’la Master Color
if not, then either Color Mix or introduce Priority Order similar to advanced Volume/ Medium shading where priority value defines boolean order :wink:

The problem arises if same color is used for more than single collection, but then I would fault to PEBCAK (suit yourself)

Not a fan of completely filling the layer with a color. Better to just have a color strip or bracket [] to the left of the check box.


It 's a good idea to use some small area to mark a color!



I like the idea

what should happen in case of object with hierarchy outside of collection?

Whole area from collection:
Smal Strip:
something else?


on all the other softwares they are called “flags” (colors to the side of the outliner) I vote in favor of that, It is needed.


Preferably, something more subtle. I started with the color bar for collections, then used the check box and connector lines to imply group. The color bar and check box can also work with individual non collection items.


The color choices should also fit within a limited range, maybe automated, like the random color options in the viewport.


I Like this!)

Oh yea. I like the idea of colorize checkbox/icons - that allows to save horizontal space and still be clearly visible.
And limiting color selection only to eg. hue wouldn’t prevent you from easily recognizing disabled collections

And there could be and addon/build-in option to color collection based only user defined rules like “collection name contain light then set color collection to yellow”


It’s really a good Idea.

I work in the ArchViz and this option can be helpful to know which collection we need active to make the final render by example.

I’m ready to pay for it. Someone here to know how to develop this option as an addon?

Best regards

Hey, I didn’t see this. It’s a great idea ! @SaintHaven 's mockup above looks perfect.

This would be a very welcome feature, supporting @SaintHaven mocup too! :+1: :+1:

This kind of thing is now nicely possible due to the dynamic coloured icons. Very nice mockup too.

We could just provide a set of 8 pre-defined colors, so we can make sure they are easily readable against the background.


But bump up the number to 16 or 24. I am sure you’ll find enough colours that stand out from the grey background.
If some of them don’t work perfectly with different Blender colour shemes, then so be it.
Sometimes wanting them to not stand out might be intentional.

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@SaintHaven’s mockup is nice but I prefer @mateparaguai’s mockup more.
A (slightly) bigger rectangle would be more visible and would help quickly recognise the color better.

Maybe copy of BoneColors concept?
Enabled/Disabled (and Active?)

Several predefined colors (that can be altered by theme setting) and even custom color.
Those settings for custom color could be in Properties/Object/Collection next to offset
and in Outliner’s rightclick menu only assigning those themes.

In softwares that allow you only for 8 colors to tag something i sometimes run out of colors to colorcode something.


Why not reuse color palettes here ? At least we won’t be limited by a predetermined number of entries. Instead we could create as many colors as necessary (think layers vs collections).


Exactly what i was going to type, also bone Color sets could use a UI rework to have more than just 20 :slight_smile:

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