Outliner Questions - Moving Objects and Nul Objects

Does Blender have something Similar to a Cinema 4D “Nul” Object?
Let me explain. Lets say I have a model of a grape vine with 15 separate grape mesh objects. In Cinema 4D you can create something called a “Nul” object and it appears in the outliner. You could then name the Nul object “Grapes” then you could select all of the separate grape meshes and make them “Children” of the Nul, allowing you to have all 15 grapes in one saving a lot of space in the outliner.

Without using a Nul object the outliner would have 15 mesh objects which would take up a lot of space. Does Blender have something similar? I want my objects to remain “Separate” entities so they can be moved still but I want them to be in a folder per say.

Moving Objects in Outliner?
How do you move an object in the outliner in a different position. For example: If mesh01 is below mesh02 in the outliner, how can I move mesh01 to be above in the outliner stack?


Use an Empty object as the equivalent of a null.


Thanks Richard.

  1. I used the “Empty” as a parent? Can you tell me if I did this correctly? (see link below)

  2. I found out you can take 1 object from the parent using (Alt + P) and then you can add it back to it’s parent using (Alt + O) but when I pressed (Alt + O) it did nothing. What am I doing wrong?

  3. I selected all of the objects using “Shift” in the viewport, but how do you select multiple objects in the outliner?