Outliner workflows? / scrolling to selected Objects in Outliner/ possible bug

Isn’t “Numpad-.” supposed to be the default “Show Active” in Outliner? I had to manually assign it.

Yes, that is a default mapping. Who’s eating your defaults? :wink:

It’s a mystery: because of an earlier experience I had purposefully left that one alone. However, I did install HOps and B/C.

It may have been switched by one of those to keyboard “.”, but I only saw that JUST as I’d released the mouse button to change it back to numpad-".", and it was quite small.

A spreadsheet/matrix showing which panels use which keys would be very helpful: the keymap editor might have been designed to obfuscate that information. I’d like a lot more of the 3DView hotkeys to work over other panels, >on< the 3dView, where feasible.

Ah, wait. Do you mean pressing numpad period while mouse is in 3D view should focus the outliner? Then no, that’s not the default. That should only focus the 3D view.

No: I’m down/good with the concept of “whatever window I’m over, focus on the active element”, whether it be Outliner or 3DView. Which is iirc the default. Numpad-"." should probably be (maybe it is) GLOBALLY the “show active element” key. Like, for instance, in the Node Editors, really everywhere. (And maybe it is.) The kind of conceptual overlap would make Blender more consistent and easier to learn.

But IMO there’s room for some redundancy in hotkey function: for example, I think it would be very convenient if “/” (Local View) worked >>on the 3DView<< when over any window it doesn’t already have a function in, i.e. the Outliner and the Properties panels. It doesn’t make any sense to hide the contents of Outliner or Properties windows, but being able to chose an item in the Outliner and switch to Local View >>in the 3dView<< would be quite nice.

But really, I was only surprised numpad-"." wasn’t working in the outliner today, when it always had before.

Yes, the period is indeed also mapped in node editor to focus on selection. In general the guys are (or, well, at least have been) trying to keep consistent hotkeys where appropriate.

As for local view, I vaguely recall us already having this discussion. Local view is per viewport, so then it’s immediately apparent there can be no good default for such a “global” key mapping (Should it switch all viewports? Should it toggle viewports that are already in local view?..). I, for one, would strongly object to such feature - I like my viewports the way I set them up. OTOH, this is something that could be coded as a custom operator for your specific needs.

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In how many viewports/editors is Local View implemented? To this noob, it only seems to be in the 3dView.

Basically, I dislike twitching my mouse between 3dView and Outliner.

I meant it’s per 3D view, so you can have some 3D views with Local view and some without (and you can have various viewport(s) across workspaces with and without Local view).

I’m rolling my eyes at this baroque over-feature.