Outlines linked Objects

Hello. i have a question about linking objects. I am in the process of creating various assets in one file, which I would then like to link to in another file. i used booleans and mirror modifiers. when i link the objects, the cutters appear to me as outlines and i cannot hide them. here’s an example

is there a way to hide this?

I tried to replicate what you described, but the linked booleans worked just fine for me. Can you share a sample file that doesn’t work?

I wonder if their visibility behaves like the master object for collection instances. What happens if you move all of your boolean cutters into their own collection (in the original file that you link to) and then turn off view/render on that collection?

collection.blend (791.0 KB)

if i link this collection it looks like this:


i hide all cutouts - dont know what i have to do?!

ok lol, i pushed the cutouts out of the collection. the boolean still works.
was that what you meant?

I was thinking that the cut-out objects and the target of the boolean operation each be in different collections in the external link file. Then you could enable/disable the visibility of the cut-out objects independently of the target. (I don’t know if you’re using Blender 2.91 or not, but 2.91 now allows for entire collections to be used as operands in a boolean operation).

my best bet would be to create a collection called ‘boolean_results’ for example and put all in it.
Then you can choose what you should open or not by the collection name.

Note that ( as far as i have understood ) that collections is somewhat unfinished feature ( like many things in 2.8+ )

The thing is that when you want to use blender in a wide project ( with libs and proper objects/mat/scene classication ) you need to rething the whole way you use blender. It’s quite different than when you make a lone scene with plenty of things.
Beware also not to use in you lib several times the same material or in your target scene you’ll have X times the same material duplicated and it will burden your machine making it unusable !

Happy blending !

I have now done it like this: I have removed all cutouts from the collection that I want to link. when I link the collection, the booleans remain, but I no longer see them (in the linked collection).