Outlines over Render preview

One thing about the render preview in the 3D view I am missing is the ability to see lines.
So you can’t see what you are selecting, can’t see where you placed the lights and cameras, and you want to do some editing while you are in render preview…

The ironic part is, that the one thing you don’t want to see, the 3D cursor, is always there, even when in render preview, which I find annoying.

Here’s how I imagine it:

yeh I usually have 2 windows,one in solid mode and other in rendered when I want to move lights etc. I never questioned it though,lol.I like the proposal.

Great proposal! :slight_smile:

Yes, this would be great! Like ng-material said, I usually use two windows, but with this I can save some precious screen space. It would still have to render twice though (Cycles + OpenGL), but at least you get it all in one place.