Output, animation to ... format?

Finally, after quite a few days of tutorials, reading the docs and getting help from the forum I’m starting to look at output for animation or video. While I’m far from where I need to be for precise control over camera movement, I need to start looking at output options with a focus on quality.

By using the default render output for animation with Blender as the render engine I get a bunch of numbered png files placed in the tmp folder.

Does anybody have a great conversion method or app to turn this file set into a movie, MOV or AVI or flash, or even html5? Or can Blender do this and I’m missing something yet again as a newbe :slight_smile: We all start somewhere close to “0.”



I am also a newbie at blender but you can render an animation in avi codec and a couple of options.look right beneath your output folder click on that button and it will bring more options.in the left are pictures and in the right are movies.hope i helped.


Thank you for your help.

I’m on windows 7 64, and if I use the “render animation” from the menu or Ctrl F12 I don’t see any options. I’m unclear as to what you are noting here or where you are seeing these options.

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the options you are looking for are under “render” then under the “output” panel. click the button that says “png” and you should see a bunch of picture and video choices to pick from.

Different formats to choose from. Just trying them out is one way to see what they do.

It would be advised to first render your animation as a PNG sequence; if something goes wrong, you only need to re-render the frames with the mistake, instead of having to re-render the entire animation.
Using Blender’s video editor you can import the image sequence and render it in any format you wish.

Thanks guys, still getting use to the Blender interface, found the render output options, all is good. Now on to trying to figure out the camera so I can control it like it’s in my hands and I’ve got a zoom lens.