output bug???

I’ve been getting some bad outputs on a project I’ve been working on. It’s an animation. About every 30 frames or so of the output I am getting random green squares that appear. Plz someone help me get an idea as to what’s causing this! :frowning: I will get an example screenshot asap.

here’s an example of what’s happening.

anyone?? 0_o

Looks like a render bucket that didn’t get calculated all the way. If you’re using raytracing try a different Octree value (I think lower but I might be wrong), if not then just rerender the messed up frames and if they still do it change the XParts/YParts values.

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Since I’m also just having a very serious rendering problem (black and coloured dots) when using the Compositing Nodes: are you using the nodes system as well…? And are you using spotlights with halo on…? If one of these questions can be answered with yes this could be the same rendering bug that is causing my black and coloured dots. (But this is of course just me guessing…)

One possible solution for you, in case you are using the Compositing Nodes, is to give PlumiBlender a try. From what I remember seeing at the blender conference, the render problems that the Plumiferos team solved with their FixNode looked quite similar to the one I see on your sample image! But be careful, PlumiBlender is not an official release… Still, if you are totally stuck like me it might be an option. I’m just about to start with installing Ubuntu to see if PlumiBlender solves my rendering problem…

Thnx. I’m not using raytracing, so I’ll give the xparts y parts a shot. I’m assuming to increase them. Any idea as to how much?

Yeah, I am using a lot of composite nodes. No, I’m not using any halos. If this is it, is Plumifero only available on Ubuntu? I’ll look into it if it comes to this… I hope it doesn’t.

I think you want to decrease them so it uses less buckets.


ahhhh, thankyou, I thought otherwise and the squares were still there. I’ll try this tonight and cross my fingers.

nope… Didn’t work either. I guess I’ll try to start investigating indiworks node bug theory.

Indiworks: the machines I need to run this on are mac, plumiblender ain’t in option in that case :frowning:

And actually, I think this is an OSX bug… These scenes render out fine for me at home on my PC, but here in the studio, these macs give me green squares.

System info:
2x3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
8 GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-Dimm
OSX 10.4.10

Someone help! There’s gotta be a workaround for this! I certainly won’t be able to make my deadline for this project, if I have to rerender 100s of random frames individually.

my thought is to make sure Save Buffers is OFF.

of course, you aren’t interrupting the rendering process, right? Also, if using lots of nodes, watch your console window for out of memory error messages. MAlloc() returns nil, that sort of thing. I’m thinking it is running out of memory, aborting/ending, and the render daemon(?) continues on to the next task, without crashing hard.

Thnx. I’m doubting a memory issue, but I will consider it. Got 8 gigs here, and my pc at home only has 512mb and it doesn’t have this problem. Yeah, save buffer is off.

This is interesting though. After investigating my entire noodle, I have found the point where the green square begins to show through the viewer nodes (seemingly it IS a node bug). I believe it has to do with an RGB node I had, where I had dropped the curve slightly below the grid… could this be the culprit??? I’ve seen funky things come out of odd RGB curves, but green squares?? I’m gonna run some tests, and I’ll post the results.

Hmm… If you are on an Intel Mac you maybe could get Ubuntu installed via Bootcamp and then PlumiBlender, but of course this could all take some time…

There is now a first OS X (PPC) build of PlumiBlender:

I think FFMpeg is not included (yet), but maybe PlumiBlender (+ using that FixNode) can help…? I could not get it to run under Leopard on an iMac G5 (kept crashing on start), but a new build (with FFMpeg) might be available at some point (soon?)… Here the Blendernation announcement about this. Someone there already asked about an Intel build…

hurray! :slight_smile: After running a test animation it seems the RGB node was the culprit! 200 frames and no green squares.

yes, the node could be negative-izing the value, if the curve drops below the grid into negative (unseen) terratory - which would introduce wierd colorization. Shift to a vector-based curve handle, or adjust the control points so the curve is positive.

Good to know, though was very odd to me that it shows up only on every other 30 frames or so. Made it hard to troubleshoot and made it seem like a bug.