Output denoised images when rendering an animation

(Grimm) #1

I’m rendering an animation and would like to output the denoised pass, is the only way to do this is via the compositor? It would be nice to just select the denoised pass by setting the preview pass type and have the pass images saved out when the animation is rendered. Just like it does in the preview panel and for F12.


(Andy Sellers) #2

It should do that automatically. Are you experiencing something else?

(Grimm) #3

Yes, the combined pass is saved no matter what i set the preview pass type to. This is with the Octane plugin, so I’m trying to determine if this is a general Blender issue or one specifically with the plugin. Thanks. :smiley:


(Andy Sellers) #4

Ah. I don’t have experience with the Octane plugin. Can you post a simple .blend or a screenshot?

(Grimm) #5

Sure, here are 2 screenshots, if you don’t have the plugin, the .blend file will not work for you. The first one is when I do a F12 render and select the octane denoise beauty pass. This is what I want to save out when I render the animation.

The next image shows what I get when I render the animation:

This must be a plugin issue as I think the preview pass type I selected is for Cycles. Looks like the Octane plugin doesn’t add in the Octane passes to the menu so you can select them. :frowning:

Thanks again for looking at this.