Output file is is only a few seconds long


First off, thanks for any help as I am very new to this sort of thing. I am helping somebody with a video and they wanted a customized 20th century fox logo, so I learned about blender, found the file and made one. Then came the problem. The first time I tried to render it, blender crashed. The second time, it looked like everything worked except for the output file. The “render preview” window showed the full video and it worked great, but the output file (avi jpeg) was only a few seconds long. Does anybody know what could be happening? Also, I haven’t closed blender yet, so the file still exists in the preview, is there any way to export it.

I’m using the windows version of blender if that helps.

Thanks again

What are the Start and End frames in Render Properties? By default, Blender goes from 1 to 250. If you’re animating at 24 fps, then that’s just over 10 seconds.