Output format for video editing software

Which output format should I use to use with video editing software such as Final Cut or Premiere? Which size (in pixels) is the most appropriate?

Thanx in advance.

Most of my work has been done in 3DS (still learning Blender), but the same general rules apply to both apps:

That depends on how you’re going to use the animation. If you’re going to rotoscope (overlay) the animation on another video, you’ll need to use a file format with an alpha channel. Also, you’ll want to output full, uncompressed frames, either as an uncompressed video file or series of full images. Don’t compress any images until you’re ready for the final render (ie. after Premiere’s done). So that means JPEG’s are a no-no. I usually use AVI’s in full-uncompressed mode or TGA’s.

Where will this end up? Film? Video? Computer screen? Make sure you use the full size of whatever format you’re outputting to. You don’t want to resize the animation in Premiere. Likewise, if you plan on zooming in or panning while editing in Premiere, you’ll need to output to a larger resolution.

Hope this helps,