output of render settings at render time?

is there a way to save the render info along with my saved renders? for instance when i hit F3 after a render to save the render, is it possible to dump to a text file the info that i see at the top of the render window and info from the render panel? infomation like this --> (Fra:1 Ve:71194 Fa:76006 La:2 Mem:22.19M)

is there a way to do this, or see this info in the text editor window?
perhaps this already exists, i see an abundance of export scripts handling much more info. basically i would like a way to keep track of my renders and the settings i used, when i do an F3.

i tend to experiment tons within one blend file, perhaps this is because i’m still learning. so i’ve got a bunch of renders with small changes and it would be useful i think, to have a file(s) that i could keep along with the images. hmmm… maybe this could be written into a jpeg’s EXIF?

p.s. i’m not a python scripter :wink:

You can save versions of the .blend with Ctrl-W-Numpad-+ before going on to the next fiddle session.


i love the + key for version increments. i do that erractically now, at least with the main blend i’m working on. i guess i just need to make it a regular habit whenever i get a render i think is worth saving.
And .blend files aren’t too big(at least mine aren’t). (but definitely bigger than the text files i’m thinking of)

i guess this might be a good reason for me to learn some python. do you think this would be a fairly easy script to write for someone who has scripting experience (php, javascript, actionscript) but has never even looked at python? i see that there is lots of info about writing export scripts, maybe if i ever get time i’ll take a crack at it.

There’s a frameStamp plugin:


Maybe you could modify it to print out those values you wrote in the first post. Here’s links to docs on writing and compiling:



thank you for the links. i also read your “new to python go here” post, that gave me a nice foothold to start from with python and blender.