output render image for different colour variation

Hi all,

If i would like my output images is easy for a user to change colour, let’s say a interior render image, and i would like to make it easy to change the wall color in photoshop. What should one usually do?

should i just render as plain in grey and edit everything in photoshop? what is the standard way to do for 3d render?

Thank you!

You might want to setup a renderlayer where everything exept the wall you want to edit the color on is masked away - that way you can easily import the image to PS and change the color there - and make the wall grey, in PS select the layer with the wall on > Blending Options > Color overlay select desired color and set it to color instead of mix

hi do u mean there is a way to export layer file from blender? let’s say it is a pictures frame hanging on wall, so i can render out as a wall plain layer, and another layer is picture frame with shadow that fall on wall, and transparent pixels?

Use Object Index and/or Material Index passes saved as image files to use as selection masks.

possible to describe it steps by steps i use M key to move the object to different layers…but I can’t figure out how to export as layers…the final file is a single layer even i save as tiff

use multilayer EXR if you are wanting to save all the layers / passes