Output to a 3D video?

Hey there Blenderheads…

I’ve been curious about if I can output my renders to a 3D video/image format that can be viewed through the PS3 or just straight through a 3D tv of any brand.

As I understand it both .mp4 and .mkv file format supports this and I’m guessing that Blender doesn’t support the 3D output at the moment.

So what do you know about 3D formats in general, do you know of any handy way to create 3D content, is anyone working on implementing it in Blender and so on?

For clarity I’m talking about 3D viewable with polarized glasses and not the anaglyphic ones…

There’s seriously no one that knows anything about it?

At this moment in time there is no polarized 3D render output implemented, as far as I know there currently is not any development plans for it either. However I would like to point out that “3D” tv is simply two copys of the same image at slightly different perspectives. Im sure if you simply rendered a scene twice with camera slightly distanced from each other you could achieve a “3D” look using external software. After all that is the same method used by commercial production company’s.

Edit: It should also be mentioned that camera focus is an important part of the process too. If you dont know the proper process of stereo filming it probably wont turn out quite the way you would expect it to. And dont forget you can always look up whats going on with development and read other documentation at the Blender wiki

Thanks for the answer Jeremy.
Yeah, so far so good. I appreciate that it’s a bit in the future for Blender and that’s all fine and dandy. All in due time I guess.
It’s probably one of the reasons I started this thread, because it’s gotta start somewhere, right?

I’m wondering if there’s any other software that lets you compile it into a proper 3D file format. So you could take your dual image sequences and merge them somehow. I’ve personally managed to get an ok result the anaglyphic way.

Here’s some things I managed to google together.
Some stero image formats.
.mpo Multi Picture Format … Apparantly a series of jpegs within one file.
.pns PNG Stereo
.jps JPEG Stero…

Question is which programs can open which file formats… Searching for a program to open a .pns file yielded the result ‘Nvidia 3D Photo Viewer’. A bit limited in other words…
These were found on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_file_formats#Stereo_formats
I have no clue which programs support these though.

As far as I can tell on the movie file format it’s an .mp4 encoded with AVCHD 2.0
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AVCHD#Specification_addendum_.28AVCHD_2.0.29It seems that a wide range of software supports this, but how do you get there?