Output to SVG including measurements and edges (creating blueprints)

(AimedSquid) #1

I’m trying to find a way to output information in a 2d vector format. That means for instance creating cross sections that also show dimensions of the object.
I’ve come across the freestyle SVG exporter add-on. This seems to work well for edges that have faces connected but not for edges with unconnected faces.
I have attached a simple .blend file to illustrate what I am trying to achieve in its simplest form. It is a cube with only edges marked as freestyle edges.

When using the freestyle SVG exporter I get this result:

What I would need is similar to this (which would be a number of vectors):

Am I missing a setting somewhere? Can anyone show me how to get the desired result?

The basic .blend file (using the MeasureIt add-on, measurements show up after unhiding -> tools panel -> Display tab -> MeasureIt Tools -> Show):

example.blend (501.2 KB)

Note: the SVG exporter is working, when I render the standard cube I get this result: