Output video from VSE without Re encoding

Hello all, I’m a long time Blender user but new to the forums (what can I say I’m shy) My understanding is Blender uses ffmpeg to spit out video. With ffmpeg I can use

-vcodec copy -acodec copy

to output sections of video without re encoding it. Is there a way I can do this in Blender VSE? Could I specify a custom ffmpeg output somewhere? Thanks

Don’t know about ffmpeg…
As I anderstand:
You can render the vse output in compressed or uncompressed formats, single frames or movies. Some of the compression is non-destructive (i.e. png), some is destructive (jpg,…). An uncompressed video format is Raw Avi (if the equivalent to ‘Uncompressed Avi’ in other software, haven’t used it yet).
When I have to deal with a compressed video format as input and I know I have to do some post, I try to keep the interim steps as uncompressed as possible and render out single frames (exr or png), then for the final one, If compressed format is needed, something like H264. (Often do the last output from Premiere, since there are more output options)