Hello again, everyone!
This is the last uploaded video of 2014 which is an album made by Shushustorm.

Any thoughts?


Amazing! Ten minutes of silence and solid black. Such artistry. Both the video and the album are sure to win awards.

I didn’t like it, and paused the video after a minute and a half.

Sure, Blender has an amazing cloth simulator, but watching simulations set to music with fancy lighting effects just doesn’t engage my imagination. It’s like watching one of those old “Lava Lamps.”

I am sure both the music and the visual effects would be fascinating to someone watching while their consciousness was pharmaceutically enhanced.

Have to agree this is not engaging at all. You have only seconds to capture someones attention with our modern world of instant gratification. Just my opinion.


Ah, well… Then there really is no hope for this one.

So sorry, Shu, better luck next time. (BTW: what’s up with “the last uploaded video of 2014?”)

I’m going to be more positive. Something about it was very hypnotic… I’m watching on a computer without sound, so I don’t know how well it fits the music. I’m not sure why the video continues with so much black after the animation has ended.

I think the movement of both the ball and the camera could be smoother. Watching it you see where the keyframes are, and as everything else is so smooth, you shouldn’t be able to to see the moment when the ball or camera starts moving. There are options for smoothing options in the curve menu… if you create a new keyframe a few seconds before and after each movement and smooth the curves I think that will help. Unless the movements time to events in the music.

Also - make the video the same length as the animation!

First of all, thank you for your feedback, everyone!
@DruBan: Did you actually try it? Because, to be honest, I don’t want to encourage the usage of drugs.
@Orinoco: “2014” is Shushustorm’s first album. So “the last uploaded video of 2014” means, there aren’t going to be any more of those uploaded.
@yogyog: Well, the video is black for so long, because this is an outro and at the end of the outro, there is a hidden track which is sound only. Also, thank you very much for your advise! I didn’t know about smoothing keyframes.

A transparent sphere, some cloth, a light box with flat black background, and some strange midi music. Defiantly requires me to fake being cultured to appreciate it. +1 for artistic expression.

Don’t worry, Shu. Just me and DruBan doing a little side-talking. Carry on.