outside table

Hey, for over 2 years i have been working on learning and improving my 3d skills, and i am at a point where youtube tutorials cant improve my skills too much anymore, so i decided to try to make a real 3d scene from scrach using everything i have learned, and i would like to share this with you so i can get some feedback on what to improve and how i should go about doing so.


Be careful:
/uploads/default/original/4X/e/f/c/efc257dd27c91e475284d1fa28949a2b6644c146.pngstc=1I found a little aliasing…


what do you mean?

Well I am sorry in advance if I am gonna sound a little harsh.
However if you think youtube tutorials can’t improve your skill anymore, you are probably watching wrong ones…
Nevertheless I think that not following tutorials and trying something of your own is a great way to learn.

To your scene:

  • I see no focal point
  • the scaling of everything seems weird. The table is as thick as half a glass? it would be heavy as hell.
  • I think the table is not beveled. Not enough at least
  • grass needs some color variation and seems to be GIANT
  • the table texture is completely flat. Add some normal/bump map. If it’s an outside table it would be worn by the weather. ading some slight displacement to the completely straight boards would help as well.
  • I am not sure what the grey rectangle in the wall is supposed to be. If it is a window it is very badly cut into the bricks, has no frame, and the material is completely weird
  • Unless what’s in the glasses is supposed to be blood the material is weird again. And the liquid curves near the top. Forgotten subsurf maybe?
  • the lighting is boring and flat, almost no visible shadows.
  • why are there no chairs, why are there empty plates without any forks or spoons, the whole scene makes no sense…

I would love to add something positive and I am sure you have some skill, but this image is just boring and not very well done. Maybe before your next image, try to sketch some ideas first, think about the composition, try to capture some idea or some beautiful object, something…

Thanks for the replys, and what you said i might learn more from tutorials but i forget most of the stuff when i later try something of my own, i figured out that i learn the most from trying and failing.

and the kind of comment you just wrote helps me alot to improve! :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback