(DeadParrot) #1

The urge to tweak will kill me, so I have to call this done. Although i’m sure i’ve forgotten to do many things.

Some of the shaders are heavily tweaked CMV. As I said in my wip thread, it’d be cool to have wet / dry siders to the shader, but its not that hard to do on your own.

Rendered with Render St. Took a good 9 hours or so and still hadn’t set it up to get rid off the flireflies, but thats a lesson for next time.

Feel free to CC.

Thanks to cgCody for his help on this. :slight_smile:

(paulina) #2

This is sooo cool :slight_smile:

(befx) #3

Nice work !!!

(DeadParrot) #4

Thank you both :slight_smile:

(peter18) #5

Love the colors in this. has come a long way since that first WIP post I saw. Really nice :smiley:

(DeadParrot) #6

Yeah you can tell how much I rely on (and love) working in post. I enjoy modelling ect but lighting and comping are where I spend most of my effort.

(sumac) #7

Good job. So many lightsources and no fireflies.
Minor critique about the asphalt. Looks too bumpy and shiny. It has a frozen look.
This reminds me of ‘piss alley’ in Shinjuku Tokyo. Whas that an inspiration/reference?

(DeadParrot) #8

Actually the render came out pretty noisy and full of fireflies. but because I rendered to openexr, photoshop made light work of getting rid of most of them.

i see what you mean about the frozen feel to the Tarmac. I’m not the greatest shader wizard, so I’all make a note of that for next time.

The project was heavily inspired By this years Pause fest titles.

(00Ghz) #9

Lighting looks impressive!

(DeadParrot) #10

So I was in Finished Art looking around for cool things, but barely managing to stay awake, when I look at the top five and theres this work, staring at me. Thank you BA! Always wondered what being up there was like. Cant sleep now ha!

(fxg) #11

This is really nice! Great amout of details!
I like how accuratly you place the dry spots.
Looking soo right!

(Shonuff) #12

looks fantastic!! did you make the ‘chinatown’ from scratch please? I am looking for a nice Chinatown’ish model for my project.

(GH0ST29) #13

Awesome stuff man! Cant hate in this one XD

(DeadParrot) #14


There’s nothing complex about this render. The models are really simple geo, the character is a 20 minute thing, and I used the same piece ofgeo over and over to create the pet.

What sells it as China town is the lighting, materials, and post. You can see the comparison between post and render here

(Shonuff) #15

ahh I get you. basically any street/alley with some Chinese signs and some cool lighting and TLC can look like a scene from blade runner :slight_smile:
great work!!

(DeadParrot) #16

Haha that maaay be an oversimplification. But generally having a solid idea of composition, lighting and atmosphere when starting out will inform what you can cheat on and where you spend most of your effort.

(Unluccy) #17

I love the mood. Great job! And you are right, focusing on what makes the most difference can save you a lot of time. :slight_smile:

(Dolly) #18

I can smell that post-rain scent just by looking at it :slight_smile: Great job, man! I totally know that feeling of endless tweaking, and never quite accepting that your work is done.

(Shonuff) #19

yeah rereading what I put it sounded wrong lol didn’t mean it like that. I kinda meant good lighting and spending a lot of time on something (TLC) and you can have some great result :slight_smile:
apologies if I came across like that.

(digi_mech) #20

That’s beautiful sir…