Outsourcing modeling, any tips?

Hi guys,

I hope this is the right category to post in! I’m working on a paid project with Blender (woohoo!) (a simple animation of a shelf with some simple products) and I’d like to outsource some of the modeling, nothing too complex but it would take me too long since I’m new to Blender myself. Now I can’t see the wood for all the trees of 3d modeling services out there. :see_no_evil: Is there a modeling service for Blender that you guys could recommend? I’d rather not go to Fivrr as I’ve tried that in the past and it didn’t go too well. I think it’s very hit and miss, so I’m looking for something reliable. Or am I better off looking for a freelancer here in the Jobs section? I’m a little nervous about spending money when I have no clue if the models will be usable or require me to spend a lot of time fixing them… Any thoughts (or experiences) on this would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi Liandi, i am too converting to blender from c4d, you did some nice work with c4d from what i remember. I have no idea where to get any good models for blender, but when ever i buy a model i first check the wire-frame structure and ask to see a closeup final render before paying. There are some great freelance artists here, ask to see previous work and make sure you give clear instructions, samples and references. Good luck.

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Thanks so much for your reply and tips! Indeed, I used c4d for 25 years, and on a whim I decided to do this in Blender which I’ve only used for about 3 weeks, I am a little crazy. But what better way to learn quickly than an actual project, even if it means very little sleep for me. :wink:


Yes, it is going to be a steep learning curve but with your experience and lots of determination you will make it.
If you need any conversion to the new tools from c4d just ask. :wink:

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As an artist who used both 3rd party websites and job section here, I suggest trying the jobs section here. You can evaluate the artists according to the portfolios. Portfolios don’t lie :upside_down_face:
Just make sure you give enough details about the project in order to find better suited artists.

Using 3rd party websites are also good as they have useful features such as live chat, secure payments, milestones, cloud service for uploads etc. but it’ll be slightly more expensive as they act as middleman.

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot for the info :slightly_smiling_face: are there and 3rd party sites you’d recommend in case I go down that path? I don’t mind paying a little extra for the assurance that I get good quality results.

I use Freelancer.com mainly. I really like their easy to use system.

Also you can take a look at Upwork.com. I didn’t work on this one but I know they are being selective when accepting artists in certain fields which makes me think you can find more qualified people here (but less option to choose from).

Last time I checked Upwork rates were higher than Freelancer. That might give you an idea as well.

Edit: A quick tip for Freelancer website, if you sign up through a referral link from a freelancer, all the works between you and that freelancer will be without fees!

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Interesting, I’ll definitely check those out, thanks!! :slight_smile:

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and dont forget to visit blendswap . if you need free blender models, some are really good. Of Course you ll not find all what you need, but few little are good and CC0 or with non restrictive licenses.

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You can pass it to me.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I’m afraid I need custom modeling for everything, and it has to be good quality because the aim of it all is photorealism. I’ll do a post in the jobs section once I’ve got the reference material to see if I get any good applicants (I like supporting the community without middlemen), otherwise I’ll try one of the websites. Thanks for all the tips guys, really appreciated!

Just a little update: I have most likely found someone for now, thanks for all the replies and PMs, if I need anyone else in the future I’ll definitely post in the jobs section here, you guys are all awesome and I’m happy to have found this community. :slightly_smiling_face:

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