OUYA Renderfarm?

Just had this mad Idea of using this new 99$ Open-Source gaming console called OUYA for rendering.
Here’s some further information on it if you don’t know that project already

So that device has a Tegra 3 Quad Core with 1 GB of RAM which sounds quite decent for rendering.
As that system runs on Android blender shouldn’t be too hard to get running on it, as we have already seen blender running on several android tablets/smartphones.

What do you think of using a few of these little cubes for rendering?

The number you would have to buy to equal one reasonable computer would far outweigh any benefit of the cost of the OUYA. This isn’t the first time this (or similar threads about the Pi, and others) has been brought up.

Ah, would’ve expected just that :frowning: Was just too good to be true :smiley:
Seems like Quadcore here doesn’t mean Quadcore there (Tegra Mobile CPU vs. a real Workstation CPU)


Indeed, comparing a quad-core ARM-based CPU to a quad core Ivy Bridge is like comparing an f1 car to a Matchbox racer.