Oval shaped white discs of (light?) are showing up in my renders. images included

Oval shaped white discs of (light?) are showing up in my renders. I have done over a thousand product renders since I started using Blender and have never seen this.
It is lamps causing it as if I remove them the discs go away as well.

I am rendering this scene at 2100 x 1500 and this is so unacceptable.

Q1. Have you ever seen ovals of light in your renders?
Q2. What caused it?
Q3. What do you suggest I do, I am like 90 hours into this project and would really like to wrap it up.


I turned off ray tracing on all lamps and moved the Hemi lights out of the way, no matter which way I face the camera I am getting these white dots.

I am going to delete and add a new camera. 5:50pm wednesday.

New camera only has one disc of pure white, I am very frustrated, but trying to find a solution today!

SO now I am using dupliverts on a plane making an area light on a grid this looks pretty good and no white ovals/ 6:42pm actually there are faint ovals even using area lights and a new camera???

from what i see (and i could be wrong) those white dots look like specular highlights, do you have area lights in the windows? and if you do did you enable no specular in the light panel?

No spec on the lights? I will try it. Right now I have a single area light dupliverted onto a plane that sets up about 20 of them on a grid. I appreciate your feedback tons, I woudl have never thought of that.

I will know in 11 min on my 25 percent render - I will let you know if that worked or not.

thank you thank you!!

That fixed it, now if the client could only decide what kind of juice they want in the pitcher and the color of the carpet I could wrap this up!

good im glad i was able to help fix it!